Your Tax World is at your entire disposal in the task of expanding, developing or consolidating your business in Eastern Europe. Given that not all the companies have either the same needs or identical preferences, we offer an extensive portfolio of services focused on performing as your facilitator in every market, no matter the stage of the internationalization process you are in.


  1. 1.ANALYSIS:

- Sectored report

- Market research

- Identification of commercial and financial partners

- Legal, logistic and commercial advice

- Risk and business analysis


- Participation in trade fairs

- Business meetings agenda

- Direct commercial missions

- Reverse trade missions


- Unblocking of goods at the customs

- Support in competitive bidding processes

- Follow-up meetings

- Negotiation of agreements

- Customer support


ANALYSIS: information should precede risk. That iswhy we work to minimize unexpected occurrences, putting at your disposal the maximum amount of information. Before embarking upon the Eastern European markets, we invite you to learn more about the possibilities of your product with our support, the life cycle of your market or those local actors most likely to be your effective distributors, buyers or partners in the future.

Sectored report: through an accurate investigation and a concise and didactic exposition, we present you the current situation of your sector in any of the markets in which we operate, with an analysis of demand, prices, distribution channels and import requirements.

Market research: it offers more detailed information than the sectored report, through a deeper and more extensive investigation, paying special attention to the existent niche for your product and its ways of fitting in every market. We analyze the relevant aspects of supply, demand and trade in general (tariffs and duties, volumes of imports and exports…), as well as every possible difficulty in the process of export, with extensive advices and annexes on all the documentation needed to overcome border procedures.

Identification of commercial and financial partners: we analyze the market of your product and/or service in order to identify the local actors most likely to become your partners. We will present them to you in a complete list with detailed information on every one, after verifying their solvency and reputation case by case and ranking them according to a scale based on their degree of interest on your product and their suitability as your distributors, clients or partners.

Legal, logistic and commercial advice: we solve all your doubts preceding the processes of exporting, establishment or investing, as well as the ones which may arise during or after them, with a guarantee of response within 24 hours. Moreover, we identify and prevent possible attempts at fraud through the scrutiny of your local contacts.

Risk and business analysis: our group provides you with an integral credit assessment about any enterprises in our areas of influence. Likewise, if you are interested in finding out which are the most solvent enterprises in a specific sector or niche, we elaborate a complete ranking with their most relevant actors and their figures: defaults, probability of bankruptcy, legal proceedings in the last months, outstanding debts, average time of payment…

ACCESS: in nature, survival doesn’t depend as much on intelligence or power as on the capability of adaptation. YTW helps you to present your company and your product as your future clients or foreign partners would like it to be. This way, we multiply your possibilities of success in the access of your enterprise, your products and services to the markets we work in.

Interpretation*: a meeting with a Russian-speaking client or potential partner may become complete waste if any problems occur in the communication process or if it doesn’t take place in a smooth and fluent way.

Participation in trade fairs: we inform you about the most relevant trade fairs for your products and services in Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Once you have manifested your interest, we will coordinate your participation in any of them: by preparing your forms and documents, managing the arrival of samples or processing your visas, among other accompanying services.

Business meetings agenda: after an in-depth analysis about the characteristics of your company and the product or service that you intend to export, the markets of interest to you, your sector and also about the type of actors or entities which you would like to meet (enterprises, institutions, agents, investors…), we organize an intensive activity of promotion and contacts networking in order to achieve for you an optimized and completely customized program of business encounters.
During the process, we provide you with all the informative, material and human resources which you may need to carry it out with success in any of our domains of influence.

Direct commercial missions: we prepare and plan in detail and with full flexibility the mission of your group of enterprises or sectored association in the market of your choice.

Whether it an exploratory, expository, sales, purchase, horizontal or vertical mission, we offer you an integral service which includes everything, ranging from the commercial aspects of your trip to the selection of an optimal accommodation and the guided tour through the most relevant places and memorial sites of every location.

During your stay, you will meet local administrative authorities, members of the entrepreneurial class, public companies, representatives of free economic zones and other enterprises committed to the attraction of foreign production and investment.

Moreover, we offer you the possibility of approaching and getting to know the conditions of work and development of several secondary, often little known cities, that nevertheless have an excellent growth potential.

Reverse trade missions: we bring a delegation of enterprises, investment funds or potential partners from Eastern Europe to the headquarters of the Spanish companies, chambers of commerce or sectored associations. We coordinate every stage of contact between the participants in the trade mission with our Spanish clients and provide the foreign companies with a detailed planning schedule, including all the information they may need and the confidence of being able to communicate in their same language.

*. These services are included by default (except at the request of the client) in the services of “Participation in trade fairs”, “Business meetings agenda” and “Direct commercial missions”.

MANAGEMENT: YTW is ready to solve your problems as soon as they occur. We manage your initial steps to access the markets, as well as everything you may need to deal with during your processes of export or integration.

Processing of visas: in order to travel to Russia and Belarus is indispensable to be in possession of a visa. Although some entrepreneurs decide to travel with a tourist visa, the appropriate thing is to have a business visa. The administrative procedures to obtain it are hard if you try to do it on your own.

Unblocking of goods at the customs: since 2010 Belarus and Russia share with Kazakhstan the so-called “Customs Union”, inside of which no tariffs or economic restrictions for any merchandise exist. In practice, this means that these States share unified customs for whatever articles are imported from third countries.

We thoroughly assist our clients in every procedure concerning exports to the Customs Union and review all the documents to be presented before initiating the process of dispatch.
However, given the complex processes and the strict documental requirements, some of the goods coming from abroad may stay blocked at the borders, with all the additional costs that it could entail for the exporter.

To solve these difficulties with the highest urgency since the very moment in which they take place, YTW relies on a network of local partners specialized in the management
of every kind of customs incidents.
You can lay back and relax: acting in your name and updating the information in real time as the situation evolves, we assume the compromise to coordinate all our human resources in order to make your goods enter their destination market through your buyer or distributor on time.

Support in competitive bidding processes: due to the language barriers and the lack of information about their markets in the western countries, is not always easy to access to the bidding processes of Russia or Belarus. ЯВ brings to your office all the open bidding processes of Russia, Belarus and Lithuania, that may be potentially relevant for your company or sector.

Our team assists you in the presentation of the participation forms and of the documents required to successfully take part in these processes and give you the keys to manage them with the highest guarantees of success.

Follow-up meetings: after participating in a trade fair, a round of contacts or a commercial mission in your target-market you will probably have held promising encounters and seen clear business opportunities with possible partners, clients, distributors or local investors. Once this point has been reached, the worst-case scenario is that a poor follow-up may end up making you lose the money and the time invested during your stay abroad.
Being aware that correctly maintaining a business relationship is at least as important as having created it in the first place, we help you to achieve, in your name and on your account, a constant follow-up of every established business contact, with a dynamic flow of information and a commitment to solve your doubts and meeting your requests.

Negotiation of agreements: we represent you to bring forward the accomplishment of agreements that your company, be it because of the distance or the urgency or the circumstances, is not in a position to address in time.

Likewise, we help you to conduct the negotiation processes in our areas of influence with the highest guarantees, through a probe of your possible partners and the provision of abundant and relevant information.

Customer support: specially the entrepreneurs, distributors and big buyers of Russian origin like to know that if they happen to have any problems or doubts regarding to the products of services that they acquired, they can immediately address someone in their own language and preferably in their own country, in order to solve their situation or at least obtain fast information.

The absence of a representation office or of an agent to deal with is a decisive factor in Russia, up to the point where it can make the difference between failure and success when it comes to signing an agreement or completing a purchase process.

YTW puts at your disposal its facilities and human resources in order to support you in your commercial relations with your Eastern European business contacts. We are at your service to build bonds of long-term trust and respect between your company and your foreign clients.

Management of communications: in Russia and Belarus is not at all uncommon for relationships with western companies to stagnate because of mere understanding problems after some promising initial meetings with possible clients, distributors or partners. It may happen that the Eastern European company has a lack of staff able to fluently communicate in English, or that its western counterpart doesn’t have continuous access to Russian-speaking personal.

To avoid these situations, we offer you a dynamic, fast and efficient service to coordinate communications with your business contacts: we manage your correspondence with a total commitment of confidentiality and we work to assure that your commercial relationship is not interrupted because of mere linguistic problems.

IMPLEMENTATION: the hardest decisions are not only the ones that require a higher degree of engagement, but also those more likely to be improved by means of expert support benefit from an expert support. We will also guide and accompany you if you decide to take the important step of establishing your company in any of our markets of influence, be it through a representation office, a branch, a subsidiary or a joint-venture with a local partner.

Search for the optimal headquarters: finding a reasonable priced office in an advantageous location can be extremely complicated in cities such as Moscow. Our team assists you in finding the desired prices and conditions of renting, be it in Russia, Lithuania or Belarus and it guarantees that you will find the best offers in the best locations.

Management of bureaucratic procedures: countries such as Russia or Belarus, despite considerable improvements over the last years, are still plagued by complicated and confusing red-tape.

Whether you intent on obtaining a license to perform any kind of activities, on validating western European documents or on opening a bank account, we offer you our support along all the stages of the process and carries out the procedures in your name, with a total commitment of confidentiality and protection of personal data.

Assisting in the creation of joint-ventures: constituting a joint venture with a potential local partner is a way to save costs when accessing a foreign market, the other option being doing it on one’s own and assuming all the risk. Nevertheless, in countries such as Russia or Belarus it also entails a significantly higher danger.