As a company dedicated to customer service, we ensure that our clients do not have the worry of the administration or maintenance of their urbanisation, community or finca because we can take care of all the activities involved. In otherwords, we can provide services like general administration, tax and legal advice, property management and even community insurance requirements.

We provide next services:

Advice Service

With experience since more then 5 years as Administrators of Fincas and Administrative Management of Urbanisations, we are able to provide all the advisory and legal services that an Urbanisation or Residents Committee may require.

Management Services Committee

We organise Residents Committee Meetings whenever they are necessary for matters such as decision making, voting and advisory issues. Furthermore, we carry out the agreements reached in this type of meeting upon request of the Committee.

We maintain supervision of any workers employed by the urbanisation or residents such as in matters of planning time tables and work scheduling. As part of this we also carry out unannounced visits to ensure that the quality of work as well as the time spent working are in accordance with the Residents wishes. We also deal with labour contract matters, wage payment and social security collection matters for thoseworkers.

Maintenance and Service Management

We chase and collect any unpaid bills within the urbanisation community via letters and electronic communications to ensure and efficient collection service. We also can provide the Residents Committee with a means to pursue any non-paying residence with legal recourseshould it be necessary. As part of this we constantly maintain the Presidents of the Communities up to date with any events.

Should any unforeseen events take place within the urbanisation we document them and if necessary contact the relevant organisation such as the Insurance Company to begin a claim? Furthermore, we actively pursue any claim lodged with an insurance company to ensure payment is received and any repair work is carried out in a timely fashion.

Every year we provide an Annual Budget to the Residents Committee for their approval. This detailed document highlights the proposed spending for the coming year across all facets of the urbanisation and its facilities. Each resident or owner will receive a letter clarifying the expenditure plans as part of the service. Accountancy

Our Accountancy Service provides accounts of real costs and revenues for the community. All receipts and retained as is any documentation pertaining to debits into the Community Bank Accounts. In the case of any communal consumption of hot water or communal central heating, the billing of each resident or owner is done pro-rata falling receipt of the respective utility bill. As such every three months the resident or owner will receive a bill for these expenses to be paid to the community.

At the end of each year a new budget is submitted to continue the administration.