Private and corporate tax advice and management is one of our specialties, to which we dedicate top-notch human resources and material so that we can guarantee you the utmost effectiveness.

Main Services

- Comprehensive Tax Advice, consisting of the study of tax consequences in order to rationalize tax charges within the applicable tax legislation

- Definition of tax policy and planning of operations

- Response to queries, either written or verbal, regarding tax issues

- Information on legislation, resolutions and decrees which are of interest to our clients

- Preparation, revision and processing of forms and queries addressed to the Central Tax Office

- Assistance, representation and defense in Tax Inspection tribunals

- Assistance in the preparation and presentation of tax returns:

- Company Tax and Income tax  return

- Payment in installments: direct estimation and objective estimation (fixed taxing mode).

- Value Added Tax (VAT)

- Special Taxes (Inheritance tax , Sale Tax ,  capital gains )

- Tax deductions and interim payments

- Processing of tax deferment forms

- Appeals and claims